CCD, Inc. Mushroom Farm - The Largest Shiitake Mushroom Farm in Southern California.

What we do?

We have been providing fresh local shiitake and oyster mushrooms to great Los Angeles and San Diego Areas since 1996.




Mushroom Log, phone card to China

CCD shiitake mushroom houses

CCD Inc. Shiitake Mushroom Farm is a China based international enterprise owned and operated grower and distributor of shiitake and oyster mushrooms. It locates at San Diego north county, about fifty miles away from City of San Diego. This cultivation farm has an area of 9.5 acres (38,400 square meters), resided in an all year round shiitake and Oyster growing region in Rainbow Valley, Fallbrook of San Diego County.

The farm consists of 21 alloy aluminum sheds, each with an area of 300 square meters. Shiitake is currently being cultivated in 20 of these sheds. The sheds are well designed in tight operational and environmental control.

With quality varieties cultivated in the farm and imported from Mainland of China, the sales of shiitake and oyster mushrooms has gained considerable market share throughout southern California. In addition, the research labs, cold storage and advanced equipment are also available at the farm for the cultivation of other varieties of mushrooms.

In addition to cultivation and distribution of fresh shiitake and oyster mushrooms, we also distribute top-quality import fresh shiitake mushrooms, synthetic mushroom logs which can grow mushroom in your backyard, mushroom compost that can be used as soil amendment for nurseries and agricultural usages, and supply dozens of varieties of trees for your yard decoration.